President: Daniel Cruz-Rosso

Daniel Cruz-Rosso is a sophomore born and raised in San Juan, Puerto Rico. He is currently studying in the Huntsman Program in International Studies & Business, majoring in Finance, Operations & Information Management and Portuguese. Besides being the President of Wharton Latino, Daniel is involved as the Treasurer of the Wharton Undergraduate Hospitality & Travel Club and of the Puerto Rican Undergraduate Student Association, among others. He enjoys multiple aspects of business, history, traveling and supporting various nonprofit organizations. Next summer, Daniel will be joining Wells Fargo Securities as a Summer Analyst in its Investment Banking and Sales & Trading divisions. 



•    Make every GBM tailored to a different country to raise awareness of the wealth of cultures in Latin America.

•    Diversify Wharton Latino’s corporate portfolio to include at least three sponsors not in finance or consulting industries.

•    Partner with a philanthropic organization focus on the latin community to provide members with a bi-weekly community service initiative.

•    Expand Wharton Latino’s social events throughout Philadelphia to go to amusement parks, bowling alleys, ice skating, etc.

Increase general member participation in the Rose Sale, GBMs, class dinners, and initiatives with other clubs in campus.