Rose Sale 2015 charity: ACOTAR

Learn a little bit more about this amazing we are supporting! This year, all profits from our annual Rose Sale event will go towards ACOTAR (Asociación Costarricense de Transtornos Anímicos Recurrentes).

ACOTAR is an non-profit organization based in Costa Rica, with purpose to serve those suffering of Bipolar I and II Disorders, depression, panic attacks, anxiety disorders, and obsessive compulsive disorders

Organization's Objectives:

  • To provide an equal opportunity to any individual in need of achieving mental health through means of education, psychotherapy, self-reinforcement techniques, and treatment support.

  • To educate patients, family members, professionals, and the general public of Costa Rica about the nature of mental disorders with the purpose of: 1. Diminish discrimination and social stigma associated to these types of conditions, 2. Help control the recurrence of a new crisis, 3. Offer major control and hence delegate responsibility to the patient about his own mental health

  • Even though ACOTAR mainly counts on volunteer work with interested and qualified personnel to provide adequate support and treatment to patients, capital is needed for: 

    • Rental of the physical place of the meetings

    • Arrangements of educational activities and meetings

    • Office and cleaning services

    • Public services (water, electricity, phone line)

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*Special thanks to Marielle Miller, member of the Wharton Latino group from the class of 2018, for presenting ACOTAR to us and winning the Rose Sale 2015 charity case.